Friday, March 1, 2013

What's your damage, Heather?

I. Am. Neurotic. Packing for the weekend should not be this complicated. A "Pack This!" check-list is already pushing the boundaries of necessity but must I really highlight the items that I'm actually taking as well? The answer is a resounding "hellll no," in case you were wondering. You would think that I'd be better at this what with all of the practice I've had but my luggage is already full and I haven't even put any clothing in it yet. Seven pairs of shoes is not unreasonable. GIRLS (insert self-deprecating eye roll here)! Not to mention that I've gone on a full tilt cleaning frenzy because the thought of my room being a mess all weekend grosses me out. Plus, there's no way I'm sitting in a cluttered car for four hours without going insane so that too had to be relieved of my stacks of books and receipts. Damn my passion for reading and shopping.

At least I've grown out of most of my childhood quirks. Can't imagine why I used to feel compelled to wash my hands and rush out of the bathroom before the toilet finished flushing but lil me must have had REALLY good reasons. Though there's probably no explaining ritually pouring water out of windows based on the belief that there were murderers outside and that they would give themselves away if I could catch them unawares. Yeah, I had issues.

At least my current damage produces stacks of clean laundry!

So to continue down this crazy train, this weekend's plans are just getting better and better. On top of Excalibur having a twofer special where I could potentially see Thunder From Down Under AND Tournament of The Kings, Hannimal has just informed me that we will be making a pit stop at an X-files shooting location. The fact that these are options in my world makes me oh so grateful.

Now wave goodbye to the cowboy.

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