Tuesday, April 30, 2013

But my aim is improving.

I missed you! My laptop was busted but then Dell sent me a blue fairy so now I'm a real boy. I'm reading Pinocchio, in case you couldn't tell.

Speaking of completely obvious, I live in the best place in the world. On Sunday I was called boring. That made me laugh to no end because of how much I'm enjoying myself these days. I love looking back on a month and realizing that I've done an amazing job existing. I decided to end my completely successful month with a cultural diversity weekend!

Thursday was the opening of Gary Baseman's exhibit at Skirball. If you're not familiar with his work, you should look into it. I'm always so impressed by people who do whatever they want, no matter how unorthodox (pa-dum-ch?), and somehow manage to be successful. He's one of those people whose brains I just want to dissect in order to make sense of the nonsensical. I know I'd just come out more confused but also utterly entertained and overstimulated. The funny thing is that a large part of his show is meant to provide insight into how growing up in LA influenced his work. MY FAVORITE pieces were the piƱata paintings because, let's be honest, you make me want to hit you with a stick. Watch him do his thang.

My cultural enrichment continued on Saturday when we saw La Dolce Vita at the Los Angeles Theatre. Reason #1322342 why I love this city: Cinespia. So glad that they put on events where I can dress up and enjoy watching beautiful movies in beautiful settings. I love all things Los Angeles, all things Italian, and I've recently been on this kick about watching every "you haven't seen it!?!?" inducing movie, so this event was tailor made for me. I gotta say, I don't have the best opinion of downtown but I love that places like that still exist there. It's not just a shit storm of traffic and expensive parking lots and one way streets. I can't wait for the Hollywood Forever screenings to begin. I, obviously, already have an outfit picked out for Clueless. 

And finally, just because Sunday was too nice of a day to waste, we wandered around Chinatown and got some grub. In spite of the speculations that our day would be no fun, I really appreciate having people in my life that will spontaneously do some exploring with me so I enjoyed it quite a bit.

I know that not everyone will like to do the things that I like to do, but I like doing EVERYTHING. Guess variety isn't everyone's cup o' tea.

Tomorrow, we're going out for Polish food! Yay ethnicities!

My own creation.
LA crowds are the worst!
Pinot in a plastic cup.


  1. hahahahaha I can't stop looking at that wiggly little ChouChou dancing at the end of the video

    We're the boringest people in the world. We should go to Fiesta Cantina and have a drink and talk about it.

    1. We should probably also go back 18 weekends in a row. Now THAT would be fun.