Monday, May 20, 2013

Jesus! I'm a sinner.

For this entry, I had prepared a list of superlatives but I was worried that "awesomest, jesusiest, fishiest, bananaest, and alienest" wouldn't be the most effective form of communication so I suppose I'll just have to explain. What made this weekend so insaniest was the number of times that I found myself thinking "where AM I right now?"

My ride or die chicks and I ventured off to Salvation Mountain on Saturday. On the way there we listened to what felt like the soundtrack to my entire middle school existence and a whole lot of reggaeton. I've decided that somewhere in Puerto Rico there must be a reggeaton graveyard where Daddy Yankee now works as a groundskeeper.

Salvation Mountain. You've probably all heard of it since it's apparently the cool thing to do these days. It's the most unique adulation of Jesus love that I've ever encountered. As someone who was almost denied admission to the Vatican, this is clearly NOT the reason that I made the journey, but JESUS was it great. Even though I don't quite share the sentiments, I love that one person can be SO passionate that they achieve something extraordinary. The entire thing was built by Leonard Knight out of adobe, straw, and paint that people donate. It's like all you need is a mission and little elbow grease to make magic. If Gaudí hadn't been financially backed by all of Barcelona, he would have probably made something similar to this. It's bright and whimsical and just a little busted. Exactly how I like things.

Salvation Mountain was just a ways from the Salton Sea which we stopped by in search of shelter from the 100° weather. Lily and Hanna were sadly born with the curse of the white man and could barely take the heat but I thought it was perfection. Unfortunately, the Salton Sea is not really the most refreshing of seas. Its shore is made up ENTIRELY of fish bones because the rising salinity makes it impossible for most fish to live there. You can't see the floor through the carcasses and bare feet don't do so well on it but none of that kept us from testing the waters a bit. It was kind of a mind fuck to think how many fish the shore must be made up of considering that it's the largest lake in California. Despite its grimy nature, we couldn't resist adding some shutterbugs to the hoards of insects. I'm really loving all of the photos I've been taking lately.

And because weird begets weird, down the road from the Salton Sea lies the International Banana Museum. I got a banana nut milkshake and sat on a monkey shaped stool while indulging in the sheer ridiculousness of the day thus far. But I was naturally not satisfied so we got back to L.A. in time to celebrate World Whisky Day at the Venice Whaler, get kicked off the pier, and eat terrible food at Norm's.

Sunday I went to a screening of the X-files. Am I the only one that thinks it's the greatest thing in the world that I can say that? Hey Cindy, what'd you do today? Oh you know, just saw a screening of two episodes of a TV show that ended over ten years ago in a theater full of fanatics and the creators of the show. I've only actually gotten through about two and a half seasons of the show but I'm already rather invested. Plus, I knew I was among my people when the mention of Joss Whedon sparked gasps and they showed clips of the original The Haunting as influences. It's like on Gilmore Girls when Kirk gets a cat and Rory says that he always was a cat person, he just never had a cat. I always was an X-files person, I just hadn't watched it much.

My life is the most magnificent madness.

Oh yeah, and I also went to Disneyland in my best Roxanne outfit. Perfect weekend.


  1. I was always a Skins person, I just wasn't ready to have my heart destroyed by so many people.