Monday, May 6, 2013

To you and me, then and now.

Breaking points have been wearing on my mental well-being lately. I've had to cut some ties in my days so now my spidey sense is tingling. Not that it's hard to spot the build up of insincerity, disappointments, and just all-around inconsiderate behavior. With such large piles, it's no surprise that weak things tend to break. Yup, that's my theory. No matter who's at fault, every failed relationship (romantic or otherwise) just wasn't strong enough to begin with.

And I'm not saying this to encourage giving up, or because I regret anything I've done, but rather to appreciate the breaks that have mended and last. How those happen is beyond me but I love it. Personally, I know I'm always most appreciative of that little bit of effort. Don't need to point out where things went wrong and assign blame, just need the tiniest effort towards showing that we're more important than being right.

This all has me thinking of how randomly I meet people. "Had I never met you" is such a freaky thought. Because I know you, through someone else, whom I don't talk to anymore, or one of us wasn't supposed to be there when we met, or we have so little in common that it's just bizarre how well we meld. So I guess my point is, I'm glad you came into my life and I'm impressed if you've stuck it out.

In this case, as with all of life's enigmas, I turn to my emotional compass.

"There'll be good times again for me and you
But we just can't stay together don't you feel it too?
Still, I'm glad for what we had
And how I once loved you"

As well as,
Here I am, if you need a hand I can lend
Here I am, if you want just more than a friend
Here I am, if you want to see me again

Here I am.

And many moooooore.


  1. jeeze, i'm glad you're my friend that comes to me at 12:30am just to read me stories and paint nails and watch movies. and i'm glad you're my friend that couldn't tell me i was about to get nailed in the face by a puppy because you were choking. but i'm not glad you were choking. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    1. I'm glad you got nailed in the face! Gave me a good chuckle.